NAQWA® SPRING (NAQWA® SWR) Drinking Water Recoverer


Naqwa® is a drinking water project of Petros Group established in Russia in1991.
Our mission is to provide high quality drinking water to people in remote areas, emergency situations and expeditions where drinking water supply is limited or often is not available at all.
Main research and production facilities of Naqwa® project are situated in Russia near Moscow.

Product's Background.

Our products are innovative water recoverers of the entirely new type. These products are based on the truly revolutionary track membrane technology (RF Patent #129413, RF Patent #81722), invented by Russian academician N. Flyorov in 1980-th.
The technology was developed and shaped up to the perfection in the leading Russian nuclear centers and nowadays is successfully used even for purification of blood and some other liquids where the highest level of purification is simply a must.

Water Recovery Technology.

Naqwa® water recoverers provide for the top quality drinking water recovery at the level which combines two basic types of water recovery - the purification from bacteria and other contaminants as well as the physical and informational water restructuring. NAQWA® water recoverer is a nano sieve. The highest level of water purification is provided by the following two basic factors:

1. Water molecules are smaller in size that molecules of the most dangerous bacteria and other water contaminants, therefore only clean water passes through the track membrane.

2. The additional purification of water occurs due to a specific polarization effect which is the unique characteristic of the track membrane only. As a results of these two basic mechanisms of water purification in NAQWA® water filters all water contaminants including bacteria remain on the surface of the track membrane and can be easily removed from it manually.

Enhanced water purification and water anti oxidation are taking place in NAQWA® SWR Shungite model where Shungite mineral is used.

As both the international certificationsand practice show Naqwa® water recoverers match the highest international standards of indoor and outdoor water purification by upgrading ordinary water from tap, rivers, lakes and even swamps up to the safe drinking water free of bacteria as well as to some extent from heavy metals, chlorine, arsenic and similar contaminants.

What is more, Naqwa® water recoverers also restructure water erasing its “bad memory” inherited from the long and mixed “previous life” of water. This is especially important for urban areas where galloping informational and conventional pollutions are becoming really critical and life destructive issues.

Green Product.

It is very important that all remarkable characteristics of Naqwa® water recoverers are achieved without using chemical or any other additives which when applied very often result in substitution of one type of pollution by just another. NAQWA® SWR is a truly green product.

The Safest "Open" Type Water Filter.

The main advantage of our product is that to the date it is the only in the world market track membrane water filter of the safest "open" type! It means that unlike in the most water filters of the "closed" type (more than 90% of portable water filters currently available on the world market) NO BACTERIA GROWTH IS POSSIBLE INSIDE NAQWA® SWR!.

Decreases Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP). Read more ...

No Power needed.

No regular change of cartridge needed.

Portable, Personal, Family.

As a truly high tech product Naqwa® water recoverers are of small size and light weight which make them very convenient for both household and outdoor use. It is intended and believed to be the best solution as personal/family water filter for rural communities, people in emergency situations and travellers.

Scope of application

NAQWA® SPRING Water Recoverer  (hereinafter referred to as the “NAQWA® SWR”) is designed for advanced drinking water recovery treatment of water  from centralized water supply systems as well as from superficial and underground raw water resources.
Application of NAQWA® SWR reduces to zero or acceptable rate concentration of the following dangerous components:
- Malignant bacterium;
- Radio nuclides;

- Heavy metals;
- Pesticides;
- Other hazardous substances.
At the same time all important for human health micro elements are remain preserved in the treated water.

NAQWA® SWR Structure

A Track membrane cartridge is the core NAQWA® SWR element. Track membrane is a thin polymer film of about 10 microns thick, on each square centimeter of which there are hundreds of millions of pores (holes) of 0.2-0.4 microns in diameter (approximately 100 times thinner than a human hair!), thus ensuring the warranted high quality of the purification process.
The purification quality remains unchanged and does not reduce its perfectness  until the complete expire of NAQWA® SWR operating resource.

NAQWA® SWR is made of materials approved for contact with drinking water,  migration rate of any substances from NAQWA SWR materials into water does not exceed the established norms.
During purification the risk of mixture of purified and contaminated water is practically eliminated due to the special structure of NAQWA® SWR.

NAQWA® SWR is very easy and convenient to use at home, and it is indispensable particularly outdoors (travelling, fishing, hunting, expedition), as well as in emergency situations. Small size and light weight of NAQWA® SWR make it universal for both in and outdoor use.

NAQWA® SWR Performance

Contaminants Purification level, up to 
Bacteria (cholera vibrio, coli bacillus and salmonella 99,99 - 99,99999%
Pesticides 90%
Iron (total) 85%
Colority 80%
Turbidness 90%

Technical Characteristics

Dimensions, mm (with bag) 170х110х12
Weight, gram 95/65
Operating temperature range, Сo 0–70
Capacity, liters 20000*
Productivity, l/day up to 50





  * NAQWA® SWR Capacity may reduce due to purification of highly contaminated water. In such cases, water settling is recommended prior to NAQWA® treatment.

Delivery Set

1. Cartridge with outlet tube assembled  - 1 unit
2. Case for storage and transportation - 1 unit
3. Tube plug  - 1 unit 
4. User Manual - 1 unit
5. Start up Syringe (supplied optionally) - 1 unit

1. (+) 2. (+) 3. (+) 4. (+)

NAQWA SWR operation is very easy and includes the following 6 simple steps:NAQWA® SWR Cartridge (1) is a track membrane located inside a soft bag which serves as an external preliminary filtering bag ( the bag retains mechanical particles, ooze, tangle, etc). The track membrane located inside the external bag is welded up along its perimeter and fitted with a coupling for release of the recovered drinking water through the soft outlet tube (2) connected to the coupling. The track membrane is wrapped around a metallic stainless frame. The frame provides rigidity to the cartridge and keeps it immersed in water in vertical position


NAQWA® SWR operation

NAQWA® SWR operation is very easy and includes the following 6 simple steps:

1. Prepare a container for recovered drinking water (4) (a drinking water vessel, a plastic bottle with a cut top, a suitable package, etc.).
2. Fill the raw water container (2) with raw water and locate it 30-100 cm higher than the container for recovered drinking water (4).
3. Take NAQWA® SWR out of the transportation case and remove the tube plug (5) from the outlet tube (3).
4. Immerse NAQWA® SWR cartridge (1) into the raw water container (2), keeping the free end of the outlet pipe (3) off the container.
5. Lightly suck the air out of the outlet tube, the purification process will start within 5 seconds. If the air is not sucked out of the outlet tube the cartridge will get soaked up with the raw water by itself and the purification process will begin in 10-15 minutes.
5.1. Suck out the air with the start up 50 ml syringe (supplied optionally). The cartridge (1) should be fully submersed in the water.
6. Place the free end of the outlet tube into the container for he recovered drinking water (4).
Note. At the beginning the recovered drinking water will flow as a current the  intensity of which may decrease with time and after a while NAQWA® SWR will start operating in its normal “drop-by-drop” mode. 

NAQWA® SWR Cleaning

NAQWA® SWR cartridge should be cleaned in case of visual deterioration of its productivity. In order to do that, remove the track membrane cartridge from the pre-filter bag, open it and thoroughly rinse under water current. Contamination of the membrane surface should be gently removed with a soft tissue, for instance PU foam.
Do not overpress on the membrane as you may damage it!  The membrane thickness is only 10 microns!!!
For the most effective cartridge restoration soak the cartridge in 5-7% citric acid solution and leave it for several hours. Afterwards wash the cartridge surface with clean water. Another effective method of cartridge treatment is cleaning in weakly alkaline environment with further subsequent rinsing under water current. In the latter case dishwashing alkaline-based detergents can be used. After cleaning, assemble the cartridge in the reverse order.        
It is recommended not to use the first 0.5 -1.0 liters of water recovered after cartridge cleaning in alkaline solutions.

- Do not apply too much pressure on the cartridge as you may damage it!
-  Do not pull on the outlet tube 3 connected to the cartridge 1 (Fig.1) while dismantling the water recoverer as it also may lead to the damage of the track membrane which is only 10 microns thick!
- During cleaning the cartridge do not disconnect the outlet tube from the coupling which connects the tube to the cartridge;
- Prevent invasion of raw water and detergents inside the track membrane. For this reason it is recommended to plug the free end of the outlet tube with the tube plug provided. 

Operation Guide

1. During the operation, it is not recommended to locate NAQWA® SWR  exposed to the direct sun.
2. In case of a long break in operation for more than 3 days, remove the track membrane cartridge from the bag, wash, dry and store it in a clean place,  having closed the outlet tube with  the end cap.
3. In case of a short break in operation for 1 - 3 days it is recommended to keep the cartridge in water, hanging the free end of the outlet tube at the edge of the raw water container, however not dropping it into the container.

To avoid any damages to the track membrane the following actions SHOULD BE AVOIDED:
- usage of NAQWA® SWR for other purposes rather then drinking water recovery;
- back washing/blowing the filter cartridge through the outlet tube;
- wiping the cartridge with rigid materials, brushing the cartridge;
- connecting the outlet tube to pressurized water pipeline.

NAQWA® SWR Storage

NAQWA® SWR should be stored inside the supplied consumer package in a dry  place at temperature of 0-700С.

It is not recommended to store NAQWA® SWR outside the package case.

Warranted shelf storage term before commencement of operation is 5 years from the manufacturing date.

Warranty Obligations

The Manufacturer warranties successful performance of NAQWA® SWR within 12 months after the date of purchase provided the storage, installation, and operation regulations specified in the present User Manual have been observed.

During the warranty term, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace defective parts of NAQWA® SWR free of charge provided NAQWA® SWR  malfunctioning  occurs through the fault of the Manufacturer.

No claims shall be accepted in case of any mechanical or other damage caused to NAQWA® SWR after it sale , as well as in case of violation of the operational  and other regulations specified in the  User Manual